Pink Mohair Throw by Le Centerpiece

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Part of our Home Collection - The pink coloured throw is made of 100% Mohair wool, sourced from the most respected Angora Goat farms in Australia and made in South Africa. All fibres are natural, made sustainably and 100% recyclable.

48"H x 72"W


- Hand-wash in warm or cold water. Add a small amount of ‘wool wash’ detergent.
- Immerse the product in water, gently moving it in order to soak up the detergent. Leave submerged for approx. 5 minutes.
- Thoroughly rinse your product with cold water to remove all detergent from the fabric. 
- Line or lay flat to dry. Do not wring dry.
- Mohair is a natural fibre, it is normal that your throw will pile. Brush the pile top to bottom, not across.